Things to carry along when on a trip …

– Palak Gogia

When you plan an outing, you plan your days of the trip, the travel, be on a bus, train or a plane journey. You keep in mind all the things you would require on your travel just in case, you may need in case of any emergency. But what if you forget some things and have to ferret out when on the trip. What if you are lost and there is no one at your aid. Calm down because we are here to provide you a detailed list of all the items you could need on your trip.

Travel Planning- things to carry along when on a trip

To start with, one must make jot down all the items necessary beforehand. Because when you are on a trip, you might be not in a place to collect all the stuff then and there. So it’s mandatory to make a list when planning for a trip.

  • First-Aid kit: Prevention is better than cure so guys, this is the first thing you must take care even before planning the accommodation and travel stuff. No wonder, accommodation will be executed only when you make sure to arrive there safely. Tablets for vomiting or head-aches are a must to keep.Dettol, liquid hand wash, band aids and ointments are a must to be packed along. Even some digestive tablets should be carried along if you plan on going a mountainous place. Just so that you are prepared, don’t forget to carry lemons along since lemons have a tendency to cleanse your stomach. So lemon water is always at you rescue. Also, carry pain killers and thermometer in case there is no doctor at your immediate help.

First Aid Kit - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Eatables and Juices: Packing the medications along your normal stuff is incomplete when you don’t use the eatables and juices, one thing really necessary to take if you are on a long trip. You are never sure what kind of food and eatables are available in a new place.Luckily when on an adventure, you don’t even care about the whereabouts of a particular place. So carry your chips, biscuits and cakes because they will be handy stuff you can manage in case of an extra adventurous place.

cookies - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Hand-sanitizer and Paper-Soaps: According to a survey, there is a tendency among people to buy hand sanitizers only when they are out of their daily routine and plan a travel. Hence, this is a must to take when you are out of your place. Personal hygiene is a matter of concern for everyone and not just the travelers so why take a chance. Pack extra handsanitizers and wet-wipes because they are handy and easy to use without occupying much space in your bags.

Hand Sanitizer - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Toiletry bags: After discussing all the stuff needed on a trip for personal protection, we should not forget another important travel stuff and that is the toiletry bags which include various items ranging from as essential as toothpastes and brushes to sun-screens and face wash.These items are of our daily use but we don’t keep an account for. So one can surely miss if they are not kept in mind while packing the travel bags. Razors, mini-mirrors, perfumes, nail-cutters, toilet rolls or small pair of scissors can be of your use if you are planning on a long trip and have a family along. Even kids demand extra care and hence, extra stuff to be packed when moving for an adventure.

travel toiletries - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Pair of footwear: Be it on a hill range or a beach, you need an extra pair of footwear along with your necessary sneakers and flip-flops.This might not come to your mind when you are packing your stuff but yes, once you are in need of extra pair of footwear, you certainly go mouth-sealed and are not in a place to borrow from your companions since this is already a one-on-one carry essential for your companions as well. So make it a mandate and don’t forget to carry an extra pair when on a travel.

Footwear - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Speakers and earphones: After keeping in mind all the necessary stuff needed while on an expedition, you should not miss the entertainment factor.After all, this is something we can’t afford to miss. There is a glamour added to your travel if you carry along a vibe of music and a streak of joy. So this could be achieved if you pack along your speakers and ear-phones with a phone filled of new party tracks, hip-hop numbers and some old-tragic numbers to keep the party happening when on a trip. This adds an extra value to your travel and you don’t miss a chance to keep the party happening.

headphones - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Deck of cards, Uno: To save you from the boredom of travel, you should also carry the easiest and self-explanatory game along with you.Deck of cards or Uno brings out the child in you and helps you pass your idle time when you plan to travel to the places far from your native and half your time is spent in covering distance from one place to another.

UNO Cards - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Power-banks: Today, you can forget your phones but not your chargers. It has become a central tip to keep the batteries fully-charged and make sure that you carry extra too.So charge your power-banks too and plan the travel accordingly. Because, your smartphone is your watch, your camera, your music system and yes, a mode of communication too.

Power Bank Charger - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Sunglasses and glass cases: To save yourself from the UV rays of sun, you must carry your sun glasses along.A pair of hat and a stole would also become handy because you never know when you can be a victim of direct rays and your travel becomes a little boring.

Sunglasses - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Travel pillows, eye-mask and ear-plugs: This should be a part of your luggage since comfort is what we demand for at the end of the day.Suppose you are on a bus journey but don’t have a proper sitting arrangement. Then, the travel pillows help you to get a proper sleep during your travel. With eye-mask and ear plugs at your assistance, you are sure to manage as easy trip in case of long distance to cover.

Travel Pillow - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Water Bottles: Yes, you can find food at all the places but you can’t find clean water wherever you go.And that my friend, is one of the necessity of human life. To cut things short, you must pack small plastic bottles along with you and that too, far too many. Since water is the source of life and without water, you can’t manage your trip at all.

Water Bottle - things to carry along when on a trip

  • Black polybags: As you have packed small and handy bottles along with you,  you should not forget to carry black plastic polybags because if your personal hygiene is a matter of concern to you, then you should also be concerned about the cleanliness around you.Hence, carry lot of black polybags to collect the waste and used stuff.

Poly Bag - things to carry along when on a trip

As they say: ‘Travel light if your must’, carry all your portable stuff, with minimum of weight and effort. We hope, with Hiway Cabs, your travel is safe and sound and you don’t miss out all the key points when out on a trip.