The Best Taxi Service

There are a plethora of taxi services currently operating all around the world. Each service claims to be the best taxi service one around. Each one claims to provide the same old services at the cheapest price possible. But are they really what they claim to be? Are they really the best taxi service and are they really what they claim to be?

What makes a taxi service good and how is it different from the best one? We here at HiWay Cabs have always given our best shot to be the best at what we do. Be it talking to our customers or providing a never before like experience in a cab. HiWay Cabs has always made it a point to put forth the needs of the customer before ours.
So what it is that make us different from all the others.

Why we started?

HiWay Cabs was started as a result of numerous horrible experiences faced by the co-founders. Being frequent travelers for both personal and professional reasons, Pankush and Sandeep faced multiple problems whenever they traveled in cabs. Either the cab wasn’t clean, or the driver was rude, the cars were old and damaged. Whatever the case may be, they never wanted to book the same cab again. But this was the case with every other taxi service. Both the co-founders came together to create a cab service that would bring respite to all the people suffering the same old problems.

The idea

The idea was to create a cab service company that would be the best one around. A company that wouldn’t cheat its customers, a company would provide as promised. Clean cars, good drivers and services so good that customers would love to come back again and again. The idea was to create the best taxi service.

What makes HiWay Cabs different?

From our experience in the cab industry there are two important factors that make or destroy a taxi service. The drivers and the cars they drive.

The cars

The cars with general service providers were just not up to the mark as per our experience. They were just not clean. The cars would either smell of sweat from the driver sleeping in the car itself from last night or there would be bits and pieces of food left from the last ride. Either ways it wasn’t a pleasant experience being in the car. Improper servicing meant the car would make noises that were unheard of before.
HiWay Cabs had its own fleet of 10 Innova Crysta which was expanded recently with the addition of 2 new Maruti Ciaz and a Hyundai Xcent. Also we work closely with some of the best and cleanest taxi vendors around. We keep a close watch on them to maintain proper hygiene and comfort standards.

Did we stop there?

Not at all. The founders wanted HiWay Cabs to be the most comprehensive taxi service in its region. So we started thinking of what all features could be added to the service. So we added a few add-ons to make the ride even more pleasurable.


We introduced WiFi in our cars. We knew that a car journey can be boring sometimes and the data pack in your mobile is used for quite important stuff. Thus, we included WiFi to ensure that our customers are kept entertained throughout the journey with either music or movies or whatever they want.

Water Bottles

Water is a basic need when traveling and we know it hurts when you forget to bring a water bottle along. We keep our cars equipped with water bottles for all our passengers so that you are hydrated whenever you travel with HiWay Cabs.


Finding a good place to eat on the highway might not feel the toughest of tasks. But it is hard to find one right when hunger strikes. To keep you filled up until you have a stop over at your favorite food joint we keep juices and specially packed cookies in our taxis just for times like this. Our customers love these cookies and are always left asking for more.


Some people love reading books while some love to read the news. But you don’t always have a newspaper handy and reading the news on your phone doesn’t feel the same. We like to keep the latest newspapers and magazines in our taxis so that you are up to date with the world just like HiWay Cabs is. We have special tie ups with region leading magazines, Urban Melange and Glimpse so that you have the most up to date articles to read on the go.

So is HiWay Cabs just about the extra stuff?

No way. HiWay Cabs is much more than what appears on paper. HiWay Cabs is an experience in itself. We believe that the journey should be just as beautiful as the destination itself. Be it for personal reasons or professional, HiWay Cabs is much more than a taxi service. HiWay Cabs is an experience that one remembers for a long time. We give our best day in and day out to ensure that our customers are treated in the best way possible. Keeping our passion for hospitality and work ethics in line we’re sure HiWay Cabs will surely be one of the best taxi services in India soon.