Best Places to visit in Tirthan

One of Himachal Pradesh’s best-kept secrets is Tirthan Valley. Relatively unknown to the tourist world, Tirthan Valley is the perfect offbeat destination for people who want to get away from the crowds and noise. The name of the valley comes from the Tirthan River that flows from Tirth. The region offers quaint architecture that is unique to the area.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere and the friendly nature of the locals will surely leave an ever-lasting impression on you. From the beautiful homestays to the scenic views of the mountains, the region is filled with breathtaking scenery. A 12-hour journey from Delhi, Tirthan Valley offers an escape like no other. The best time to visit the valley in spring, summer, and winter. The region is surrounded by breathtaking views and lesser-known places are unlike any other. Here are the best places to visit in Tirthan:


1. Raghupur Fort: A historical destination believed to be built by rulers of the Mandi Dynasty, Raghupur Fort reminds us of the rich ancient past that the region had. Now in ruins, the fort offers panoramic views of the hills surrounding the area. The path to the fort is decorated with beautiful Rhododendron flowers and oak trees.


2. Chhoie Waterfall: Located in the Great Himalayan National Park, Chhoie Waterfall offers charming and stunning scenery. Although it does require one to trek from the village of Gai Dhar. The trek gives you an opportunity to see the Chhoie waterfall amidst the plentiful greenery of the Himalayas.

3. Serolskar Lake: One of the major lakes in Tirthan Valley, Serolskar Lake offers crystal clear waters and will leave people mesmerized. It is also believed that the lake is gifted with medicinal properties. The lake surrounded by thick forest cover is over 3,100 meters above sea level. You can reach it by trekking from Jalori Pass.

4. Sarchi: Nestled between lush green jungles and forests, Sarchi is a dreamy village with snow-capped mountains. Comprising of not more than 50 houses, Sarchi is the perfect destination if you want to get away from the noise and crowds of daily life. With a calm and serene atmosphere, Sarchi is a hidden gem in the region. There is lush greenery in whatever open spaces that we can see lending it a serene feel.

 5. Tirthan River: It is the main river that flows through the Tirthan Valley. The river is the perfect spot for trout fishing that the region is known for as the water is home to many varieties of fish. Also, there are many water activities that you can do here such as river rafting and river crossing.

The area also perfect for people who would like a more calm and serene place to hang out.

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