Long Term Car Lease

There are times when you need a temporary rental car for a significant period of time. Leasing a car for an extended period of time might be a cumbersome process but fret not, the best cab service in Chandigarh offers car leasing services in the Chandigarh Tricity area and National Capital Region- Delhi. HiWay Cabs caters Long term car leasing services to corporates to meet their requirements on an annual as well as a month-on-month basis.


You can find a car most suitable to your need from a vast variety of car segments to choose from, and get a convenient package curated specially for you according to your requirements. In addition to the basic car segments including sedans, premium sedans, SUVs, & Luxury vehicles, HiWay Cabs also offers Electric vehicles which are not only environment-friendly but also future-oriented and sustainable at the same time.


So, now you don’t have to worry about regular wear & tear, maintenance, insurance costs, and documentation updation. You can just levy the long-term car rental service offered by HiWay Cabs and enjoy the exquisiteness of hassle-free travel.


Whether you need a single car or a fleet of vehicles to suit your requirements, HiWay Cabs is fully adept to fulfil all your needs.

You only have to select the car or the fleet of cars you need, decide on the tenure, fix the tariff and your logistics requirements will be fulfilled in no time. 


Get in touch with our team at 8872711111 in order to get the best quote for long-term corporate car rental & leasing of vehicles. HiWay Cabs awaits to serve you for all your long-term car leasing needs.

FAQs About Long Term Car Rentals

Opting for a long-term car lease with HiWay Cabs in Chandigarh offers several benefits. You get to enjoy a brand-new vehicle without the burden of ownership, fixed monthly payments inclusive of maintenance and insurance, and flexibility to choose from our diverse fleet to suit your needs.

Yes, at HiWay Cabs, we understand your evolving needs. You can extend your long-term car lease beyond the initial contract period. We offer flexible extension options tailored to accommodate your requirements, ensuring you continue to enjoy hassle-free mobility.

During your long-term lease with HiWay Cabs in Chandigarh, we provide comprehensive support. In case of a breakdown or maintenance issue, simply contact our dedicated support team. We will promptly arrange for repairs and provide a replacement vehicle if necessary, ensuring minimal disruption to your mobility.

Yes, our long-term car leases come with predefined mileage limits. These limits are designed to accommodate typical usage patterns. If you foresee exceeding the mileage limit, we offer options to adjust your lease terms to better suit your anticipated mileage requirements.

To lease a car long-term with HiWay Cabs, you need to provide documents such as a valid driver’s license, proof of address, and income proof. Our streamlined documentation process ensures quick approval, allowing you to get behind the wheel of your chosen vehicle without unnecessary delays.