Vaccination = Vacation

We’re seeing multiple states lifting their lockdown restrictions which can only mean one thing; that the current situation is improving. But that does not mean that you should let your guard down. We still have to take precautions while going out and especially now that summers are here. One of the many ways to be safe while traveling is by getting a vaccine. We cannot stress how important it is to get vaccinated. With both summer vacations starting and lockdowns being lifted, many people across the nation are looking for their perfect getaway to escape the monotonous lockdown life that they’ve been living for the past year. Remember that the sooner you get vaccinated, the sooner you get to travel. 

However, there are big questions that you should ask yourself before planning your perfect trip.

1. Is it safe to travel right now?

Ask yourself this over and over again. Because even though the lockdowns may have been lifted but the pandemic is still ravaging the whole world. So before you plan any trip, do ask yourself this question. Is it safe to travel right now? And if you are planning a vacation or a trip, you can get in touch with our helpful team at +918872711111 and we will plan out that perfect trip that focuses on your safety and health. 

2.  How should you travel?

This is another big question that you should seriously consider if you are planning a trip. How should you travel? Which mode of transportation is the best in this current situation. Even though the railways are opening up now, they may not be the best option for you because remember that trains, planes, and buses are public transportation. And the number one advice that was and is being given out by doctors and scientists is that stay away from crowds. So do consider this factor as well. Booking a cab might be the safest option apart from having your private vehicle. Our trained drivers at HiWay Cabs provide you the safest option to travel across the country and our cabs are regularly sanitized. We also do not travel through containment zones.

3. Is the place you’re traveling safe?

This is a given and we’re sure everyone will look up this question. Only travel to the places where authorities have lifted the lockdowns.  Also, contact your hotel staff and ask them about the procedures that they’re taking during this lockdown. Ask them about their sanitization practices and how many people they have in their rooms. Also, look for accommodations with flexible cancellation policies.  

4. Don’t be rigid with your plannings

As we live in unprecedented times, it is very common for things to go wrong. What matters is how you weave through that. Allow for some wiggle room in your trips so if that something does go wrong you can easily recover from that. If you are not sure where to start, do contact us at our number or you can visit our website 

5. Follow all Covid 19 guidelines at all times.

We cannot stress this enough but even after you get the vaccine please follow all the guidelines issued by the government and the WHO. Do note that you can only travel after you’ve had your second dose (until the government says otherwise). Do not take off your masks in public and always carry a hand sanitizer in your bag or pockets. Get tested before and after your travels. Getting vaccinated does give a sigh of relief but until and unless our scientists and doctors say that it is okay to go out without masks, keep wearing them.  

Things you need to do while traveling (even after you’ve got your vaccine):

• Always keep extra masks and do not take them off. 

• Keep an extra bottle of water. Avoid buying them at stores.

• Wash your hands and use sanitizers often. 

• Avoid large crowds.  

• Avoid touching surfaces.

• Refrain from drinking public water or food.

• Even though you’re vaccinated, maintain social distancing. 

If you’re not sure about where to go and how to start planning for your trip, call us at +918872711111 or visit our website at and our team will get in touch with you and help you plan your perfect trip.  

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