Ultimate checklist for travel amidst Covid-19 in 2021

No one saw the pandemic coming. Not only did Covid-19 appear out of thin air to change our lives totally, but it put a solid delay on our very laid itinerary items and put a halt on our lavish travel plans. Presently over 15 months into the pandemic-plagued world, gradually and consistently individuals have figured out how to live with it, indeed, even try for some degree of reconciliation with it. Luckily, most restrictions are slowly opening up to vacationers in India for a much-merited occasion post the second wave of Covid. All things considered, long stretches of self-isolation haven’t been easy for anybody, and to take their psyches off the pandemic disturbance, presently like never before, individuals are prepared to travel again, restart again, obviously remembering every one of the vital guidelines and security measures to remain safe.

What HiWay Cabs promises-

  • Arrangement of e-pass
  • Provision of chemically sanitized vehicle
  • Guarantee of safe & frequently tested drivers
  • End to End Assistance
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What you need to do-

  • Plan a well-researched trip
  • Connect with Team HiWay for assistance at 8872711111
  • Confirm your accommodation
  • Get an RT-PCR test
  • Pack your bags and get set for a wonderful travel experience

So without further ado, if you are fortunate enough to plan a holiday in the near future, Here’s the ultimate checklist to travel safely in the “new normal” situation–

Do your research well

Before you see flight tickets or lodgings, check on the guidelines. Even though this may seem as though a ton of work, it isn’t just about as frustrating as it sounds. You can check online media handles to realize which spots are open and protected to go to. Then again, look for one of the top of the line lodgings around the selected locations, call their help desk, and ask about the on-ground data and SOPs. Whenever you have settled on an objective, you would then be able to continue to check what their quarantine rules are & enquire if you are required to spend a fortnight inside once you reach. Continuously pick an objective that would not need you to go under isolation after your return too.
If you need help planning a vacation, get in touch with our team at 8872711111 and we shall assist you.

Not the best time to follow the herd or get on the latest trends

Regardless of what sort of occasion you are considering, it is ideal to stay away from trending locations. Social distancing is as significant now as it was 15 months ago. In 2021, keep your eyes open to lesser-known towns, nature-surrounded hotels, or even health & wellness centers that follow strict social distancing norms. Search for where you can go for long strolls through the tremendous natural landscape, however, stay away from people no matter what. You would prefer not to disrupt your vacation with abrupt COVID stress.

Hit the street and plan a road trip

In the event that the objective you are longing for is two or three hundred kilometers from home, at that point we suggest you hit the street and travel by road. It is much safer and more secure than air travel right now. Indeed, on the off chance that you are going with a little group, hire a cab from HiWay Cabs and hit the street to appreciate a great excursion with companions or family. There are multiple advantages of a road trip. You can travel at your convenience and need not be on a timeline. This allows you to relax and be at ease all the time during your travel.

The delight of simples off-beat locations

It is imperative to go slow and travel to a simple off-beat location. Wait and take time to smell the roses by inundating yourself in one spot, at any rate until further notice! However much it assists you with unwinding and dive further into one spot, it likewise assists you with staying away from the danger of coming in contact with anything that could be contaminated or contagious!

Stay where you have a sense of security

Pick a convenience that provides you a sense of security. It very well may be a securely contained manor or a private house on a lease, or a comfortable homestay in a far-off or remote location. Most lodgings and resorts presently offer broad profound cleaning and socially removed eating and amusement, and many have sans contact registration. While picking a stay, do your piece research and homework. Call up their customer care, ask how they sanitize rooms and offer room administration. Additionally now like never before lodgings will gladly offer you complete straightforwardness of their sterilization and disinfection methods for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Find fresher approaches to explore

Obviously, approaching local people and initiating a conversation in times of Coronavirus may be looked down upon. However, having a positive outlook and aura can be your badge of honor during these unprecedented times while you rejuvenate your senses.

It is a time of tough decisions, but if you are cautious enough, it does have a silver lining. It just takes the right outlook to pick yourself up and rewind to the joys of simple living.

HiWay Cabs awaits an opportunity to serve you.
Stay safe. Support Safer Rides. Travel Responsibly.