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Kia Carnival- the Epitome of luxury & comfort

As travel restrictions loosen, many throughout the country are eager to dust off their suitcases and hit the road for a holiday. Nothing boosts your spirits faster than a long and leisurely road trip to a favorite destination. They’re the best since they let you get a close-up look at a place and explore every nook and cranny at your leisure. While the idea of a road trip may sound tempting, not every car is well adapted to road life, and when planning a long trip, the last thing you want is a car that can’t handle it. A good road trip car must be reliable, practical, capable, and have plenty of capacity for all of your gear. The KIA Carnival is one such vehicle.

We are thrilled to be the only travel service in India to provide KIA Carnival for rent in Chandigarh, Delhi, Tricity Area, Gurgaon, and NoidaBook KIA Carnival and immerse in an experience brimming with utmost comfort and luxury. To rent KIA Carnival, contact  HiWay cabs, the best taxi service in Chandigarh at +91 8872711111, and we will be happy to assist you with your travel plans.

The Kia Carnival, as the name suggests, is a carnival on wheels with a plethora of amenities that make this car a trailblazer in the league of excellent road trip cars. With striking visual aesthetics and class interiors, this car is bound to make an impression.



With three rows of spacious seating and a large boot area, the Kia Carnival is in a league of its own. So, whether you are planning on some mile-munching with your family or going on an adventure with your friends, this MVP is spacious enough to accommodate everyone and nearly everything you need. With the KIA Carnival, you can finally say goodbye to the tiresome road trips and indulge in an experience that guarantees luxury and comfort.

Comfortable SEATING

The KIA Carnival provides superb lumbar support, plenty of elbow room, and an adjustable steering wheel, all of which are critical features in a road trip car. The 8-seater has power sliding rear doors that open to reveal a spacious, pleasant cabin with a refined design. The VIP seats with leg support are the car’s standout feature, exuding comfort and providing the ultimate riding experience.


When it comes to the temperature in the car, everyone will have a different level of comfort. The tri-zone automatic climate-control system lets the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers adjust the temperature and air distribution to their preferences.


Safety is an important consideration that should not be disregarded, and the Kia Carnival impresses with its safety features. The MPV boasts six airbags, ABS, ESP, Cruise Control, Hill Start Assist, Parking Assist, and the UVO safety system. The strong design ensures safety, allowing you to travel without worry


In this day and age, where everything revolves around our phones, USB ports in a car are an absolute must. With four USB ports, the Kia Carnival ensures that your mobile devices are always available to use, allowing you to snack on your favorite movies or listen to music without keeping a close eye on the battery drainage.


It should go without saying, but it is critical that you have an up-to-date GPS system and a navigation app with you before departing for your trip. Even if you think you know the route quite well, it’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan.


What’s better than having one sunroof? Having two sunroofs! Yes, the carnival has a dual sunroof, letting passengers make the most of their journey experience. It not only allows you to enjoy scenic, long journeys while basking in luxury from beginning to end, but it also delivers enough light and fresh air in the cabin, making the interiors feel more spacious.


With the Carnival, road trips are a breeze. A van of this size must be smooth to drive, and the Kia Carnival does so with flying colors. The combination of relatively soft springs and tyres with plenty of sidewalls provides a comfortable ride even on India’s rocky roads.

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