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After providing the best taxi services in Chandigarh for the last half-decade, HiWay Cabs has come up with something special. With an intent to provide an all-inclusive 5-star traveling experience, HiWay Cabs is happy to introduce the giant in luxury & comfort. Book the best caravan in Chandigarh with HiWay Cabs, for experiencing the luxury at its best.

Experience Luxury & Comfort with the Best Caravan in Chandigarh

This 10 seater Bharat Benz Caravan has been redesigned into a caravan that can sleep two people, bask 10 people in lounge recliners, two tables, 2 televisions, speakers, one refrigerator, one microwave, GPS tracker, and ginormous windows to help you view all the sights in a beautiful panoramic view.

The HiWay Crusader, the Best Caravan in Chandigarh also has two solar panels on the roof that gives an electricity backup of at least 6 hours which takes care of all the sleeping/charging needs.

Experience traveling in the most luxurious and ultra-comfortable way.

  1. The Crusader Caravan has an efficient microwave and fridge allowing travelers to enjoy their meals on the go.
  2. There is a fully functioning washroom that allows passengers to use the toilet as well as have a shower within the vehicle.
  3. A full bed with sofa seats with recliners for super luxurious travel everywhere.

HiWay Cabs offers full comprehensive packages depending on your itinerary for the best caravan. The price includes the tariff for Caravan on rent for 250 kilometers per day as well as Toll charges, State entry Taxes, Parking charges, Driver allowances, Driver night charges, Parking charges, and Fuel Charges. 

Get in touch with our team for a quote for this amazing caravan for hire ride!

We offer comprehensive packages for –

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Caravan has an in-built washroom as well as a bathroom. Usually, guests who rent the HiWay Crusader caravan can easily shower as well as use the toilet during the journey as well. This caravan is an all-inclusive luxury ride to your destination.

Yes, the caravan is fully equipped for airport transfers as well as long-route travel.


Due to the huge space, all kinds of luggage are easily storable in the caravan.

The driver stays in the caravan in a separate front section of the Van or most hotels also offer driver accommodation. On occasions, if you find a place to park your caravan safely and decide to stay in the caravan then the driver can stay at the closest guest house/motel.

We have partnerships with a few hotels all over India so if you share your itinerary with us, we can customize your trip accordingly and suggest some ideas.

Yes, the driver accompanying you on your trip will speak intermediate English. You’ll be able to communicate with him easily. The backend team will also be available via messages/call 24*7 to answer any queries you may have.

The driver is responsible for finding a safe spot to park wherever you go during this trip.

Some locations have limited signals, where GPS or Wi-Fi might not work. For better connectivity, Wifi will be provided through a dongle in the vehicle itself.


Caravan promises a seamless and ultra-comfortable ride in all terrains- be it mountains, highways, or intercity travels.


The caravan is equipped with a fridge as well as a microwave, allowing the passengers to carry as well as store their meals during their travel.

The HiWay crusader is set to provide a fully extravagant ride in the mountains, plains as well as on intercity highways.

Passengers can book the best Caravan in Chandigarh and travel to Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Chandigarh as well as in & around Delhi NCR. Bask in the experience filled with luxury & comfort offered by the HiWay Cabs Crusader Caravan.

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