Top 7 Places for a Road Trip from Delhi

Top 7 places for a road trip from Delhi

Come the weekend, and all you want to do is go away to the peace and quiet of a different kind of life, far from the loud sounds of Delhi. Here is a list of road trips curated for the travel-hungry puppy in you, that you must take with your best friends every time the capital is about to get on your nerves. The various places for a road trip from Delhi are-


1. Jaipur – 269 kilometers

The pink city is full of wondrous feats that you cannot miss. And it is all the more fun when your travel is a part of the trip itself, since the drive from Delhi to Jaipur is only a little over 4 hours if you take the NH48, and is laced with a beautiful scenery out the window.


What to Visit: While it is imperative to see the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, you also cannot miss on the Amer Fort which is only 11 kilometers from the city. The town of Fatehpur Sikri is also a major attraction of the place.


2. Agra – 233 kilometers

The travel time from Delhi to Agra is only 3 hours and 30 minutes by road, and the Yamuna Expressway has got to lure anyone to its charms. It is a great option and proves to be one of the best road trips from Delhi by car.


What to Visit: If you think Agra has nothing to offer other than Taj Mahal, you are in for a pleasant surprise; the beautiful Agra Fort is sure to take your breath away. The city also has other architectural wonders of the Mughal sultanate to offer, such as the Tomb of Akbar. It can be chosen as a one day road trip from Delhi.


3. Dharamshala – 492 kilometers

If you want to take a trip that gives more than one person the chance to get behind the wheel, the road trip to Dharamshala has to be your pick. The 9 hour journey is completely redeemed when you cross the dhabas on the highway and the watch the fields wave by. It is one of the most popular road trip options from Delhi.


What to Visit: If you want to experience true Tibetan culture, the Namgyal monastery will be your haven. There is also the Tibet museum here, as well as the Kangra Valley right beside. The place also offers a cuisine that every traveler must try at least once.


4. Rishikesh – 230 kilometers

Take the NH 334 and within less than 5 hours you will be in the lap of the lower Himalayas. The drive to Rishikesh is strong competition to what awaits at the destination with its excellent food joints and the lush greenery.


What to Visit: If you think that Rishikesh only has adventure sports to offer, you are only scratching the surface. While river rafting and waterfall trekking are the major attractions, the Ram Jhula is certainly a sight to behold.


5. Kasauli – 305 kilometers

It is truly a marvel that a spot like Kasauli is only six hours from Delhi. Take the NH 44 for an easy commute that offers excellent views as well. It is not the conventional places for a road trip from Delhi due to the distance but is surely worth the extra effort.


What to Visit: Kasauli is known for the beautiful sights it offers with its excellent altitudes. One edge of the city looks into the Himalayan oaks while the other has the Christ church, the colonial era houses, the Gilbert trail. Grab a warm drink and go for a walk, and you will not be disappointed.


6. Neemrana – 116 kilometers

If you are from Delhi, or if you have been living here for a while, you know that it is rather common for you to take two hours to get from one end of the city to another. However, if you choose to spend the two hours wisely, you could get to the Rajasthani city of Neemrana and find yourself a weekend getaway and a perfect road trip.


What to Visit: The Neemrana Fort is the most obvious attraction, but if you want its best view, it is advisable to zip line over it. The Sariska tiger reserve is a one day visit that the wildlife enthusiasts cannot miss. With multiple activities for people of all age groups, it is the most favorable option for a family road trip from Delhi.


7. Lansdowne – 258 kilometers

Only 6 hours from Delhi, Lansdowne is the perfect weekend getaway and offers a road trip like none other with the radiant pastures that pass one by on the Pauri National Highway.

What to Visit: Lansdowne has a landscape that is sure to take your breath away with ridges overlooking forested hills, and colonial-era church of St. Mary’s. The Tip – n – Top point offers an excellent view, and an early morning walk near the Bhulla Lake will make you let go of all your stress.

With any of these road trips, you are sure to get the much-needed detox and the dose of exploration that you crave. Getting a taxi at your doorstep is the most accessible way to go around any of the aforementioned places.

Let HiWay Cabs be your favored travel service provider and get world-class road assistance to these fascinating destinations. Enjoy with excellent services and drivers with the experience of the roads and the routes, for a trip that stays with you long after it is over.

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