Things to do in Manali


Manali: the name itself makes the adrenaline rush and raises the urge to quickly jot down all the
mandatory items and head towards the cool mountainous ranges to enjoy the winter vacations.

Manali by name gives us a thought about the ranges and the trek to be carried upon. But in actual, there are yet
more places to go, there are yet more activities to carry out and far more sceneries than you can imagine.

One easily gets carried away by the most obvious places mentioned everywhere on internet but in actual, there are many other tasks which one can execute once they are in the laps of Manali, the heaven for mountain lovers. Such authentic scenes are present in the arms of this peak which one could witness and even a non-nature lover cannot miss to take a whole-full of.

Manali, the snowland

Brightest skies to the lowest temperatures, silent echoes to the loudest melodies, craziest adventures to the calm ventures, all packed in one full place. This is what Manali is all about. You could spend the whole day without your phones in your pockets and still not care about it. That’s the beauty this place beholds in its landscapes.

Here, Hiway Cabs brings to you the most wonderful creations of God and lets you heave a sigh of satisfaction after seeing the jaw-dropping sceneries one could only see in the images over Google.

Skii Fun

# Skiing is the first thing you could tick off the list: When you are in Manali, all you could see around is a layer of Snow with flakes pouring down at a subtle speed and a heartwarming level. This itself is so picturesque that you don’t mind to stare at it for hours. However, when you have varied adventures to try, you should begin with the ‘Skiing’.

The slopes of Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass offer you the most simple and easy paths to try out. You could begin with the sample moves over the snow and learn it with time.

When you are on a trip, you must carry first aid kit and a piece of comfortable sporty footwear which assist you to begin the journey of Skiing and then master it after certain levels of practice. Also, you could find many training institutes and well as trainers who charge according to your experience and assist you to master this sport in a short span.

Obviously, it’s solely upon your interest to control what is there in your hands and legs. But yes, there needs to be a one who can guide you when you are amateur to this sport.

Cool Cool..

# Two places which you must visit are the Solang Valley and the Rohtang pass, which you
should not miss in any case. These places are a must visit when one comes to Manali on a trip. Heading 14 km to the north west of Manali town, this is no doubt one of the best tourist attractions and is a home to very huge number of visitors every year.

From all over India, people wait for the peak season and plan out their trips to this place so as to enjoy the lovely weather and make the most of their outings.

There is no way you could miss out the popular sports of this valley, the most favorite and popular one being Zorbing. You can accompany a friend as well as try this alone. Who could have ever thought, a ball is a fun to play within it. The plus point is there is not entry fee for this Valley. You could experience the lowest of temperatures and still not pay a penny for it.

#Rohtang Pass is another must-go place when you visit Manali. These few places are those you cannot afford to miss since Manali is famous for these locations and the activities they offer. Spare around 4-5 hours of your trip and plan to visit this part of Manali. It is about 3900 metres above the ground level and you can reach there only by road.

This pass is such an ultimate beauty. Even Bollywood stars and directors have chosen this place to capture the splendor of white flakes and flecks. “Jab we Met”, “Yeh Jawani hai Diwani” are some of the recent Bollywood movies which have been shot at this wonderful place. This is situated around 51 km away from the town and is termed as a landscape unknown and unseen. Owing to the vast snow stretch and ultimate natural beauty, this has been termed as a heaven to the snow-loving adventurers.

You can book passes to reach to this place. One can book online beforehand or can book once you reach there on a FCFS basis. The ticket costs about 500 INR and an extra 50 INR as a congestion fee imposed by Natural Green Tribunal. Despite these charges, no one misses this pass and takes out time to make their trip memorable.

# Beas Kund Trek: Around 17 km from the main city, this is something you can never think to miss. You can make a note of all the essentials to carry upon on this trek and just pack the minimum luggage and head towards this trek. Make sure to carry your warm clothes and a medical kit for your savior. The places can be a little rural so carry along some stuff to fill in your tummies on the way and at the destination. There are many travel packages and you find people you would assist you while you are on your way to such distant places.

Hadimba Temple

# Hadimba Temple: This temple is very famous and the most googled destinations of Manali. It is situated in the most soothing landscape. You must cover this temple off from your bucket list of the places to visit in Manali. The wooden doors, broad hallways and cone-shaped roof are some of the striking features of this temple.

# Chandartal treks: You must cover another trek when you visit Manali is the Chandartal Baralacha
trek which is again an adventure in itself. Pack your bags and move out to this peak which is located around 4000 meters above the ground level. This is a major attraction the people who love travelling and trekking. Chandra River, a major tributary of river Chenab gives rise to a lake which surrounds the peak of Chandartal.

# The Great Himalyan National Park: This is located around 63 km away from the main city and is a
home to myriad of flora and fauna. The path to this Park is a peaceful trek. Even this park offers an extra enjoyable stay to the tourists. There are many stays and food joints to make your travel comfortable and memorable.

# Vashisht Baths: Located in the city, these temples offer you hot springs and baths, the one of its kind in Himachal Pradesh. These springs are well known for their medicinal properties, hence the belief. People from all over India come to bath in these springs to heal their wounds and body aches.

Hiway Cabs offer you the most comfortable trips. You can contact us for your trips to these places at your accordance and at your peace. We wish to serve you with the utmost responsibility and your level of satisfaction. If satisfied, please give us a chance to prove our worth.

Here’s a list of getaways from Chandigarh that need to be on your travel list

Chandigarh in itself is a major crowd pleaser with its authenticity, cleanliness and burst of culture in terms of its picturesque beauty. Being surrounded by places that are an absolute treat to travel to is another feather in the city’s cap. Team HiWay has specially curated a list of the best places for road trips from Chandigarh which must be on every avid traveler checklist. So pack your bags and get set to travel in luxury with the best cab service in Chandigarh.

  1. Manali

Distance : 290 Kms From Chandigarh

Time: 8-9 hours

A high-elevation town in the mesmeririzing Himalayas, the spot has enlisted its name as quite possibly the most well known visiting and journeying spots. In the event that you need, you can partake in skiing in the Solang Valley just as go for a light journey in the Parvati valley. The spot likewise harbors spots for paragliding and other air sports. It is arranged in the phase of Himachal Pradesh.

The street associating Chandigarh with Manali is a serious pleasant one. It has such hypnotizing charm that it can make individuals of about each age begin to look all starry eyed at. There is a decent assortment of dhabas in transit that may intrigue the foodies, while the camera sweethearts can click away the same number of pictures as they need too. The chaueffeurs at HiWay cabs would be happy to comply to your every request.

  1. Kasol

Distance- 270 kms from Chandigarh

Time: 8 Hours

Peacefully set alongside the lines of mesmerizing Parvati River, amidst the pleasant Parvati Valley, Kasol is truly an eden for everyone wanting to explore their true calling, those who want to trek amidst the mountains, those who want to bask in some sunshine, those who want to experience the warmth of the personages of the hills, and those who want to witness the simple pleasures of life as well as natue. With ultra-luxurious facilities in the cab, you will not even realize how time passes you by.


  1. Chail

Distance: 105 Km From Chandigarh

Time: 3-3.5 hours

The spot is known for its verdurous backwoods and entrancing appeal. It is arranged in Himachal Pradesh and is in nearness to both Shimla and Solan separately. The spot is reached in awestrucking magnificence as is the street interfacing it to the city of Chandigarh. This spot was a pre-summer retreat for the British and evenhandedly so.

A piece of the excursion is the end and the street prompting the location is as wonderful as the spot itself. Experience parched individuals can appreciate all through the excursion, even before they have arrived at the spot. The outing is a treat to the eyes to watch from your seat by the window. Isn’t it sweet that HiWay Cabs fleet has Innova Crsyta for all the travellers to have their own little haven while on the drive.


  1. Auli

Distance: 230 Kms

Time: 8 to 9 hours

Nar Parvat and Nanda Devi circle this city of a skiing resort in the province of Uttarakhand. The spot has an entrancing wonder joined to its name and is a most loved objective for all nature sweethearts and explorers. It is encircled by oak and coniferous trees and backwoods and a ropeway connects it to the town of Joshimath.

Alongside the pleasant locales, the spot is additionally renowned for its sanctuaries, and simply like the objective, the path driving us to it is similarly hypnotizing. In the midst of all it’s oak and pine ranches, Auli has held its prominence since the eighth AD. The magnificence of the course is best clarified simply by seeing it with one’s own eyes.


  1. Dalhousie

Distance: 236 Kms

Time: 9 to 10 hours


Towards the north of Himachal Pradesh, close to the Dhauladhar mountain range, this is a high height staggering little city, sprouting in the entirety of its excellence in the midst of green valleys extending as should be obvious and under the bluest of skies. It covers right around five slopes of the Dhauladhar reach and harbors structures that go back to the period of British guideline in India.

Alongside the traces of British India, and perspectives that will be associated with a lifetime, the street adventure prompting it from Chandigarh, doesn’t miss the mark to dumbfound us all things considered.


  1. Lansdowne

Distance: 310 Kms

Time: 9 to 10 hours

Aditionally an establishing and foundation of the British Raj and talks a great deal about the period. It was established as a military post for the Raj, and now the recorded structures present here amount to the regular excellence of the spot.

Close to St. Mary’s Church, there is a perspective named the Tip and Top perspective that disregards the verdant backwoods of the spot, the entire situation delivering upon you a sensation of a distant land. Alongside the congregation, displaying the variety of our country is a sanctuary of Lord Shiva where Hindu fans implore. The Kaleshwar sanctuary is exceptionally old but has held its notoriety.


7. Mcleodganj

Distance: 205 Kms

Time: 8.5 hours

If you are looking to add a zest of adventure in your life after the long and exhausting haul that was 2020, then this is a perfect vacation location for you. Filled with aesthetically profound trekking routes and breathtaking sceneries, travelling in Mcleodganj would definitely make you feel adjacent to a ride to heaven. The path that leads to this gorgeous place is equally mesmerizing as well and is worth a visit for people harbouring a love for travel.


HiWay Cabs is all set, are you?

To book a cab from Delhi to Chandigarh or cab from Chandigarh to Manali, Kasol or any place in our, please get in touch with Team HiWay at 91-8872711111 and we would be happy to help you plan a remarkable trip for your, your friends and family.


Happy travels ahead. We look forward to serving you. Our ride, your way!

Chandigarh City Tour

Top 5 Places to See in the Picturesque Town of Chandigarh

The tiresome lives we lead in the urban culture makes us want to take a break from time to time in order to regain our senses and work effortlessly towards our ambitions.

The constant noise and pollution in overcrowded places like Delhi take a toll on a person’s health. One of the most famous destinations for people looking for a hassle-free holiday and the fresh outlook is the city of Chandigarh.

Rightly coined as one of the most planned, culturally rich and modernized city by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Chandigarh stands on all claims.

Rock Garden

Being a union territory as well as the capital city of both Haryana and Punjab, the city has a lot of welcome surprises for visitors from all walks of life. Being the first planned city in the country post-independence, Chandigarh is widely known internationally for its brilliant architecture and suburban blueprint. The city was designed and built under the supervision and perception of a Swiss-French architect namely Le Corbusier. He was assisted in his management by Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry who also happen to be well-established names in the field of town planning and architectural excellence.

Apart from its infrastructural excellence, Chandigarh stands to be one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the country to date. Chandigarh is also famous for being a safe place with a very low crime rate. Being in close proximity to the Shivalik range of the Himalayas, the weather in Chandigarh is mostly pleasant throughout the year, although the summers in the city tend to get very warm.

Chandigarh along with Panchkula and Mohali embodies 3 main areas that combine to constitute the area popularly known as the Tri-city area.

With a population of over 2 million people, Chandigarh boasts of having one of the highest per capita incomes of the country.

Let us take a look at all the wonderful places you can visit during Chandigarh City Tour:-

    • Sukhna Lake– It is a lake which was established by restricting the flow of the Sukhna Choe which was a stream of water coming down from the hills of the Shivalik range. Since its inception in 1958, it is has been a serene destination for residents to take a stroll around and bask in the glory of its calming aura. The 3 km long stretch of the manmade water body offers an option to indulge in boating as a means of water sport or a long stretch of path along the lake for taking a peaceful walk. The garden of silence, located at the end of the Sukhna lake trail is also a famous tourist attraction. Best time to visit- Early morning and evening.
    • Rock Garden– it is a garden famous for the picturesque display of sculptures made of recycled ceramics collected from throughout the city. Founded by a famous government official Nek Chand, it is also called as the Nek Chand’s Rock Garden.  Comprising of multiple man-made waterfalls and structures spread over 40 acres of land, it is a sight which requires at leastthree to four hours to fully explore. The garden also has an open theatre where various cultural events and artist performances take place very often. Best time to visit- Evening.
    • Chandigarh Capitol Complex– It is a world heritage site located in Sector 1 in Chandigarh. It houses Open Hand Monument, Geometric Hill, Palace of Legislative Assembly, Secretariat, High Court, and Tower of Shadows. All these places of significance are in the list of famous architectural marvels that must be seen by all visitors to encounter the historical relevance as well as the present revivification of the designs of the famous architect Le Corbusier.
    • Elante Mall– The famous shopping complex is situated in the heart of the city and covers over 20 acres in area. The 11th largest shopping mall in the country is home to various high end as well as affordable brands to suit the needs of people from all walks of life. The complex also has multiple restaurants offering a plethora of cuisines. Like the vibe of the city, the mall also has a systematic outlook and upkeep, starting from the parking services to the management.
    • Sector 17– This is a special inclusion in the list of tourist attractions for all the shopping enthusiasts who are in need to fulfill their desire of an ultimate one-stop shopping experience. The market has branded stores as well as street shops for apparels, footwear, accessories etc. Sector 17 market is a destination which is in close proximity to various famous hotel chains. The market is also famous for many restaurants and cafes which are always bustling with a crowd throughout the day.

The best way to get around the city is to hire a cab which will be at your disposal as per your requirement. Chandigarh is also a destination with close proximity to hill stations such as Kasauli, Shimla, Kasol, Manali, and Kufri among many others.

Hiway Cabs is an outstation luxury cab service which provides travelers with options of SUV and sedan vehicles to fulfill all their travel requisites. With brand new vehicles and verified well-versed drivers, HiWay Cabs ensures that all travelers to and from Chandigarh have an ultimate luxury travel experience.